CoperTura-ColdquestWith all the advancements in gadgets, technology and connected devices you would think that someone would finally nail the “heated jacket” concept. Until now, most heated jackets have been geared towards construction workers and outdoorsmen. But what about when you want to look fashionable?

Copertura, a company we’ve reported on here before, has launched their pre-order campaign for their ColdQuest line of fashionable heated jackets on Kicsktarter. 

Preorder-KickstarterCopertura founder and fashion entrepreneur Ivers Psnony has literally traveled the world looking for great fashion. Coming from the Caribbean all the way to Berlin was a culture shock and a bit of an environmental shock as well. But Psnony didn’t want to lose his fashion sense to Berlin’s colder temperatures in the winter months.

With that, he created Cold Quest to allow users to have a fashionable jacket, that used technology to get warmer as needed.

“The heating jacket is bringing into fashion a technological system already successfully used by outdoor professionals. It ensures maximum thermal protection and maximum performance with minimum weight addition.” Psnony said on their Kickstarter page.

Big, heavy winter jackets were never stylish enough and that was the same problem with heated jackets currently on the market. It also seems that most heated jackets have “heat zones” which means that in most heated jackets there are still pockets of cold.

Copertura-Coldquest2Psnony and his team set out to create a jacket that was both stylish and functional. They also wanted to make sure that as the heater was turned on, the jacket warmed equally.

The next step was to create a jacket anyone could wear, from an entrepreneur, to a salesperson to a service industry worker.

From the onset Copertura has released seven different styles of heating jackets form fashionable wind breaker style jackets to heavier looking jackets and everything in between. The ColdQuest line could be worn to an important business meeting or out on the ski slopes which is exactly what Psnony set out to do when creating the line.

You can preorder from the ColdQuest collection starting at just $170 here.