Two of the major exhibitor categories at the 2014 International CES were mobile accessories and auto accessories. I’m not sure how helpful or valuable the majority of the auto accessories are – many on display at CES seemed like more of a safety hazard than a real benefit – but DashIT stands out.

dashit photoA lot of the value of the DashIT is lies in its simple, straightforward utility. According to the company’s Facebook Page:

This accessory [The DashIT is] specifically designed to rest on the car dashboard, propping the phone up at an angle so that drivers can see their directions from the driver’s seat. It is universally compatible with virtually all cars and all phones, and provides drivers with a new and convenient way to navigate. Best of all, unlike most other products on the market, DashIT does not rely on a suction cup. 

What’s more, it will hold your phone both vertically (left) and horozontally.

The DashIT is priced at $14.95, making it an extremely affordable accessory. The low cost, combined with the simple effectiveness of the DashIT leads us to believe that the product has a real shot at becoming a commercial success.

DashIT closed a fairly successful crowdfunding campaign – though they did not reach their goal – on Indegogo in 2013.

At CES, we had a chance to speak with Stephanie Lyons, The Vice President of Marketing for DashIT. She told us a little bit about the DashIT, as well as their plans for the future.

The DashIT is available on Amazon for $14.95.