Deloop-Logo-topPremium headphones are becoming more and more popular. Whether you use actual good sounding headphones like the professional studio choice, and the choice of Dr. Dre’s partner in rhyme Snoop Dogg, The Sony MDR-7506 or you go the high tech hipster route with a  pair of Beats by Dre by Apple, storage can be a problem.

You don’t want to put your premium, over the ear headphones, from any manufacturer, in your backpack. Often times cords get snagged, cups get smooshed or even worse, the over head piece gets crushed. With that in mind, if you look at what’s on the market, there’s no real premium headphone bag.

Until now.

DELOOP claims to be the evolution of the headphone bag, and by all indications it truly is. The bag is a product of Orbit Concepts and is currently going for pre-orders on Kickstarter.

DELOOP has a place to store your premium headphones in the natural position that they were meant to be stored in, upright. The bag also features pockets for all your accessories including cables, media cards and flash drives. Most people use their premium headphones with their smartphone or their computer, and while you couldn’t store either in the DELOOP bag, those folks still using a stand alone media player should have no problem finding room. Orbit Concepts also just recently announced that they are including a “handbag style, Nappa leather strap” to carry your DELOOP bag over your shoulder.

Deloop-MainMost premium headphones come with some kind of dust bag, that’s really all it is, is a dust bag. The bags that come with premium headphones provide nothing by the way of protection. More and more people are using premium headphones every day as a source of entertainment on jogs, walks, runs, walking through the mall, going from class to class, biking and riding public transportation. This typically means that when the wearer gets to the destination the headphones have to go somewhere.  DELOOP can be that somewhere now.

The DELOOP comes in three styles; DELOOP Sport, DELOOP Deluxe Traditional and DELOOP Deluxe Quilted.

Orbit Concepts is offering some pretty cool rewards for backers as well. A pledge of $15 gets an Orbit Concepts 8gb USB key chain that fits on your key chain and looks like a key. A $28 pledge will get you a 2600mah battery bank for charging your phone on the go. A $224 pledge gets a DELOOP Sport, 2600mah battery bank and a Jetpack remix which is the ultimate in gadget bags.

You can get in DELOOP here at Kickstarter.