Easy Breathe

We’ve seen some odd things over the years, but rarely are they anything more than a novelty. However, this Easybreath mask from Tribord looks like a major upgrade over the traditional snorkel. Think about it, the traditional j-shaped snorkel is kind of a pain to use. The Easybreath mask was designed to make breathing through a snorkel as natural as breathing on land.

The main obstacle to snorkelling is the difficulty in breathing underwater with a snorkel. Indeed, breathing through your mouth is unnatural, and the snorkel mouthpiece is sometimes considered too intrusive, uncomfortable and unhygienic.1

snorkelAs strange as the Easybreath may look, it allows for much more natural breathing. What’s more, the design comes with some added benefits: “Thanks to its large size, this innovative mask also offers users an unobstructed 180° field of vision, and is prevented from fogging up by a double air-flow system that is identical to the system used in domestic extraction fans.”2

Snorkel E

The Easybreath also incorporates a unique mechanism that plugs the top of the snorkel when it goes underwater. Though it may look somewhat goofy, the Easybreath looks like a major upgrade to the standard 2-piece snorkel/goggle combo. The Easybreath is currently only available in Europe, and costs €39.95, or around $55. Check out this video of the snorkel in use:

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