edtech JSDF 1We are just about all geared up for the National Association of Elementary School Principles 2014 conference later this week. We have already had a chance to speak with several exhibitors. Edtech JSBF is one such company. Edtech JSBF has a pretty unique app available. TEAM Student Tracker is a web based app that allows for easy communication between students, educators, administrators, and parents. The Edtech JSBF team was kind enough to tell us a bit more about their app. You can see the team in person at the NAESP conference at booth #220.


What is Edtech JSBF?

Our company develops digital products that address authentic and current learning, teaching and school management needs.

Who is your app for? Students? Teachers?

Our product, TEAM Student Tracker, is a web app that is aimed for the educator team that monitors and supports students: teachers, guidance counselors, learning specialists, coaches, administrators and other school personnel who work directly with students. TEAM Student Tracker does have the capability to communicate with parents

What makes TEAM Student Tracker different than what is currently available?

There are other web apps that allow school personnel to monitor and record students’ work habits and behaviors. Communication of information is limited to one-to-one teacher/student, teacher/parent, teacher/teacher.
Our product, TEAM Student Tracker, enables all designated educators to share continuous, real-time access to essential, day-to-day anecdotal information and to communicate with the group

Why did you get involved in the Ed-Tech space?

We started our company with the mission to support and enhance learning and success of students in the K-12 sector. We know, from our experience, that supporting student success requires a team: students, teachers, administrators, other school personnel and parents. Our goal is to support the team.
Having been in school leadership positions for many years and having led the implementation of the integration of technology in our former school, we have seen the diverse benefits of technology used as tools in schools.
We believe in continuing to harness the technology to support educational goals.

Tell us about your team and their backgrounds

Our team consists of two educators who started this company after many years of working as teachers and school leaders in a high school.
Judy Stein has 30 years experience as a high school science teacher, school-based administrator and Director of Academics with extensive experience in all administrative and pedagogical aspects of running a successful school including implementing new curricula.
Brenda Fayerman has 20 years experience as a school-based administrator and IT Director with extensive experience in administrative and pedagogical aspects of successful school management including developing, implementing and supporting a one-to-one laptop program.

What is the next step? What do your current goals look like?

Our current goal is to spread the word about our tool and to get TEAM Student Tracker into more schools.