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When I was in school, I took all of my notes by hand. I was one of the few. However, when looking back over these notes, it could be a real pain to find one exact sentence or fact. If only there was a way to upload my writing as text to a computer. Ah, but there is, MyScript. We recently had a chance to ask the MyScript team a few questions about their product and how it works:


What is MyScript?

MyScript is the global market leader in accurate, high-performance handwriting recognition and digital ink management technology. Our mission is to make handwriting the most natural and powerful way for humans to interact with machines.

The MyScript handwriting recognition engine enables people to “write” digitally (using a finger, a stylus, or another input device) and do amazing things with that writing. Beyond merely capturing an image of this “digital ink,” MyScript converts it to meaningful information—text, shapes, mathematical expressions, or musical notation—enabling users to edit, share, and search what they have created.

MyScript technology is cross-platform, OS-agnostic, available for various standard and embedded platforms and is optimized for integration in common operating systems. In addition to established support for Microsoft® Windows®, Mac OS®, Linux®, iOS®, and Android™, MyScript can be ported to proprietary systems on demand.

MyScript handwriting recognition engines (technology) include:
• MyScript Text
• MyScript Math
• MyScript Shape
• MyScript Music

MyScript technology is available in three offerings that address distinct development needs and requirements:
• MyScript Software Development Kit (SDK)
• MyScript Cloud Development Kit (CDK)
• MyScript Application Toolkit (ATK)

Who uses MyScript?

Key customers include OEMs (device manufacturers-tablets, phones, smartboards, etc), ISVs, System Integrators, and Enterprises. We also offer apps that consumers can download from the App Stores such as MyScript Calculator, MyScript MathPad, MyScriptNotes Mobile, etc.

What makes your product different than what is currently available?

We are the only handwriting recognition technology firm 100% dedicated to the technology.

How did MyScript get involved in education?

As part of our vision to enable handwriting to be the most natural human machine input method, MyScript is empowering educational technology, in the classroom and beyond. Handwriting is an integral element of both teaching and learning, and computers and technology (including tablets, smart boards, and other touchscreen devices) have become just as essential. MyScript brings the two together seamlessly, creating endless possibility to deliver a more engaging and effective educational experience. At its most basic, MyScript can make handwritten notes easier to search, edit, and share, revolutionizing everything from note-taking in class to completing assignments and collaborating on group projects. And MyScript text, math, shape, and music recognition technology can do much more:

  • Capture and calculate equations using handwritten figures, from simple problems (write “3+12” and the result is 15) to complex formulas
  • Streamline research with immediate reference links and resources, simply by selecting a handwritten word or phrase
  • Learn foreign languages, with integrated lexicons and immediate feedback
  • Complete worksheets, quizzes and tests, and other forms, and make assessments such as submitting, grading, and returning paperwork much easier and quicker
  • Create handwritten diagrams and convert them instantly to digital documents to edit, expand, or present
  • Compose, edit, and share music using traditional handwritten notation

Tell us about your team and their backgrounds

See bios on MyScript web site. A key differentiator for our company is MyScript Labs, the heart of MyScript research and development. The MyScript Labs team includes leading experts from around the world in artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, linguistics, and other relevant fields. The diverse, international team is composed of Ph.D. level researchers and engineers with unmatched, highly specialized expertise, global language and cultural expertise.

What is the next step? What do your current goals look like?

MyScript is launching a global campaign to demonstrate how the power of handwriting can be leveraged to transform the experience of users in the digital landscape. We believe that the time is now for handwriting to take center stage as the best natural input method.