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We’re gearing up for the International Society for Technology in Education 2014 Conference (ISTE) coming up on June 28th. We have had the opportunity to speak with several exhibitors. Among these exhibitor companies is VariQuest. VariQuest offers educators with a ton of Visual Learning Tools, aimed at allowing teachers the ability to create  effective visual aids at an affordable price. We had a chance to ask the team a bit more about their product. You can see them at the ISTE Conference in booth #3662.


What is VariQuest?

VariQuest Visual Learning Tools are a suite of hardware/software products that allow educators to easily and cost-effectively create visual and hands-on instructional aids and reinforcement tools, like posters, banners, anchor charts, graphic organizers, bulletin board displays and more. It’s through these types of visual aids they are able to customize and personalize instruction in order to tailor their teaching method to individual student’s learning needs. Our award-winning Perfecta 2400 Poster Design System is the first wide-format printer/software bundle that allows educators to enlarge any PDF into a poster size visual in just 3 steps!

What makes VariQuest unique?

We are unique in that we really cater to the needs of visual learners who often times require visual reinforcement tools to really grasp instructional concepts taught either in a flipped/blended classroom or traditional classroom setting.

Why did you get involved in the Education?

Our team, myself included, has a lot of passion for serving the needs of the educators, school administrators and students – especially when it comes to recognizing and adapting to different learning styles. In today’s 21st century classroom it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed with all the web tools, gadgets, and classroom technology we often forget the fact that most students learn best visually and benefit greatly from visual reinforcement tools like anchor charts posted on classroom/school walls.

Tell us about your team and their backgrounds

Just about everyone on our team either has personal background in teaching or has a close family member who is a teacher or a child who is either a visual learner or has special learning needs. That’s where the passion comes from.

What is the next step? What do your current goals look like?

We plan to continue to evolve our product line and are putting a lot of effort and investment into our software in order to make it more web-friendly and accessible from any connected device. This will make it easier for teachers to browse and customize templates on-to-go and from a remote (non-school) location.