Energy 2k

Its no secret that we love power – external power sources, chargers, and just about anything power-related that you can think of. Most of the time, we look at some wildly inventive devices. However, we just came across a re-imagining of the wall charger. This is the ENERGI 2K from Tylt:

Enerygy2k features

It looks just like your standard wall charger, however, it packs a punch:

The ENERGI 2K is wall charger with a built-in high quality, certified* lithium ion battery allowing you to pluck it from the wall and use it as a mobile power pack. It’s tiny, yet has enough juice, 2200mAh, to double your phone’s battery capacity (an iPhone is around 1800mAh). Don’t miss the call. Don’t miss the picture. Take it with you where ever you go.1


The Tylt ENERGI 2K’s 2,200 mAh internal battery provides enough power to charge the iPhone 4 160%, an iPhone 5 150%, Samsung Galaxy S5 80%, the Moto X 100%, the Nexus 5 100%. The battery will charge nearly every smartphone to at the very least 70%. What’s more, when charging a device via a wall outlet, the ENERGI 2K has a unique functionality:

You can charge any device that charges via standard USB…Smartphones, Tablets, etc.   The Intelligent Charging Technology prioritizes the charge to your device until your device is fully charged. It then charges the 2200mAh battery onboard. 2

Perhaps the best thing about the ENERGI 2K is its price tag. You can pre-order one of the chargers form $25 on the Kickstarter Campaign.