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Hangout with Lettuce

TechFaster:  Do you want to introduce yourself and give a broad overview of Lettuce to start out?

Raad:  Yea sure. My name is Raad Mobrem and I am the CEO of Lettuce. We are a really intuitive cloud based order management system. That enables SMB’s to capture, track and process orders in good time. So basically, any type of company that’s actually selling physical products, they take an order and have to ship it out on a later date. So two really good examples are e-commerce orders and also wholesale orders. So they make orders and ship it out later. There’s a lot of bits and pieces that have to come together to make that work ad it’s really manual and we completely automate that.

TechFaster:  So now its two separate pieces right? There’s an app, and cloud based hub?

Raad:  Yeah so, the cloud based hub, that’s really the order management product. We integrate into your e-commerce store on the front end. On the back end is where we integrate into your accounting system, your inventory, credit card processing, shipping, and CRM including a couple of other things. So once your order comes in from the ecommerce store, it comes into our system and you track it. When you’re ready to fill that shipment in, to process the whole thing, you literally click one button and everything is automatically ready for you. With the iPad app you know, we really targeted that towards the wholesale world so in the wholesale word the way people take orders is with pen and paper still. So we wanted to eliminate that and the iPad app is the sister product to our main core product. It allows you to capture orders, and show off your products in a real beautiful, elegant way on the iPad application. So now everything is more real time, you have to fax the office or anything.

TechFaster:  Is there a square integration where you can just accept the payment on the iPad?

Raad:  No, we don’t do that yet. We don’t do that actually, I shouldn’t say yet. It’s something we considered. We would rather, for example, integrate into square for that. A little more focused on orders that have to be shipped out at a later date.

TechFaster:  Can you maybe talk about the design and user experience that you guys have built into Lettuce?

Raad:  Yeah, totally. So I don’t know if you’ve ever played with Enterprise or business software before but it’s pretty clunky and crappy. In general it’s not the greatest. We’re catering towards customers that really believe in a good quality product, not just functional but just easy to use. And we spend so much money creating these beautiful offices, a beautiful atmosphere for our coworkers to come work at and then they sit in front of their screen and looks at software that just looks like shit. We believe in beautifying in using design to make our product better. And in design, the big misinterpretation is that design is just esthetics, it totally involves esthetics, it has to look good. A lot of designers say it’s just about the flow; no it’s about esthetics too. But it also is about the flow and how intuitive and easy it is to use to go from one portion to another portion.

TechFaster:  It seems like your product is suited for traveling salesmen or sales people who are on the road.

Raad:  That’s one part of it the application is for sure. The app is primarily what it is for, you’re right. It’s for tradeshows, or if you have a traveling sales team visiting clients at their locations. The cloud based solution is for everyone in the office, basically we have inventory. The warehouse workers need to be able to see inventory and see what is going on. They also need to be able to create a shipment. We integrated accounting so they can be able to use our system. You can take orders into our system so, inside sales person is talking to customers and taking orders so they put it into our system. Executives, CEO, owners of the company could use it. When you process orders there is so many bits and pieces to it so we allow our customers to take notes to be able to take track of the communications.

TechFaster:  So you guys went to launch pad. Could you talk about that experience for a little bit?

Raad:  Yeah. Launchpad is definitely the best decision we ever made. One of the biggest things at Launchpad was that we were able to gets investors to invest in our company. With Launchpad it took me about three months. It truly is an accelerator and the coolest thing is that I actually learned a lot too. They’re pretty hands off so when we wanted help they would help and they were there when I didn’t know something because I don’t know everything I’m just going as it as we go. They would help with the simplest and most complicated things. There’s a good mentorship type of thing and the environment was really cool too because you had all these other companies in there that were just really smart people.

TechFaster:  So the product itself is built for SMB’s. Do you see the possibility of huge enterprises taking on Lettuce?

Raad:  You know in time. As we build up more features for our product it’s like you go upstream a little bit. The bigger and better boat you got you can go against the tide. But yeah, were building a machine that is becoming more and more able to handle al types of business. The goal is that we want to build a product to target towards SMB’s but big businesses can use it as well and just as efficiently they pay thousands of dollars for. You do that by designing a product where anyone could use it so that’s the goal.

TechFaster:  Anything you want to talk about that I didn’t mention?

Raad:  To hit our goals. We broke up our big goals into little small ones to keep hitting them.

TechFaster:  I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me.

Raad:  Yeah, thanks so much. I appreciate it.