ErinBarra1Electronic music has taken the world by storm. Weather you’re a fan of Deadmau5, Skrillex, Baby Anne or take it old school with house music, more and more people are rocking out to th sounds that technology can make. While some are under the impression that Guitar Center sells some “make me an EDM star” kit, that’s not the case. Like any kind of music, there’s an amount of education, skill and practice involved in EDM.

Like many technology based professions, hobbies and careers, there is a shortage of women EDM artists out there. One artist/producer, Erin Barra, is hoping to change that with her Indiegogo campaign, BeatzByGirlz.

Barra tells SonicScoop that her campaign is part art, part education. She’s seeking $20,000 in funding to help release her EP, provide a woman-centric learning series, and release another version of her EP with uncompressed files for other producers, DJs and remix artists to work with.

Barra says she wants to “Create a female powered web series in tandem with the Lower East Side Girls Club, which will teach provide the tools to ‘Make Beats’, ‘Remix the Track’, ‘DJ Essentials’ and ‘Demo Recording’. (This program will go into Beta in February for girls in NY and then live to everyone Summer 2014.).

And, “Release a group of recordings that was produced, edited and co-engineered by Erin, providing uncompressed stems of the entire record to electronic musicians and remix artists.”.

At the time this article was written Barra had raised a little over $3200 of her $20,000 goal, with 18 days to go. Barra is offering a “sweet t-shirt” for anyone who backs her with $25 or more. She’s offering other great incentives too like a production lesson and studio experience for aspiring backers. Of course anyone can back the project but the end result will hopefully provide a great resource for women, and girls, that want to take up electronic music.

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