Event Socially

Anther application that we were looking forward to checking out at One Spark was Event Socially. In a nutshell, Event Socially is an application that gathers event data, info, and pictures from all the various social networks and puts all that information into one easy to use web and mobile format.

EventSocially is the authoritative source for all events across the nation making social events much easier to connect to. Taking from what is the most popular and trending in social media, EventSocially will lead you to the most talked about and relevant event in your area.

Events can be added by anyone, anytime. Fun is at your fingertips. As long as people are talking about it, EventSocially will connect you to it! Giving you live tweets, instagrams, images and videos.1

The idea behind Event Socially is that it is a hassle to go through all of the different social networks is a hassle. Rather than coming through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Fouraquare for events, what if you could just go to one place to find all of that information? That is Event Socially.

We did have a chance to speak with Tremayne Stamper, the creator behind Event Socially, but the company’s pitch turned out to be way more informative and detailed that our chat. Here it is, Event Socially’s pitch on stage at One Spark 2014:

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