Fangates-PitchWe all know the dilemma, you’re in a strange city and your teams big game is on. You go to find a bar to watch the game and if you’re lucky maybe just maybe there’s one other fan just like you. Certainly there are more fans of your favorite team in anytown USA but how do you find them. Imagine what it’s like to be an Auburn alum and fan working in Florida this week.

That’s the premise behind Fangates an app that will help users find like minded fans in their hometown and away from home. The unique interface that they’re working on will include a fan meter that will let you gauge how many like minded fans are at each venue.

But more importantly it’s a social network for sports fans as well. Fangates will connect sports fans with each other and allow a more concentrated flow of social mentions. It’s a great environment to meet new friends that like the same team and a great place for shit talking.

Fangates is also built on a solid foundation of combining clicks and mortar. There are restaurants called fangates that allow fans to congregate, buy their meet at the restaurant and cook it in the back amongst other fans.

In the social media realm Fangates will connect fans with each other and with special merchandise deals and even drink and watch deals.

The team behind Fangates plan to take the app and social platform global next month.

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