Findster GPS Tracking

Lately, we have seen a huge rush on the GPS tracking devices on both Indiegogo and Kickstarter. However, these devices, though interesting and useful, often have one major downfall: a monthly service charge. That needn’t be the case, or so argues Findster:

Findster is a new and innovative GPS tracking system working towards the safety of your loved ones, finding them whenever you want to. Compared to other systems on the market, Findster is free of charge. There are no monthly fees! That’s what makes us your best choice.1

Findster homeThe Findster system was built with parents. children and pets in mind. The system is comprised of 5 different devices: a portable charger, a parent/guardian module, a child and/or pet module, a basestation, and an iOS or Android app.

The parent/guardian module serves as a gateway between your smartphone and the child/pet module, enabling a long-range bi-directional communication between both…The basestation can be placed, as an example, in your home, powering a communication range of 1.24 miles (??2 km). The basestation RF communication uses the same proprietary protocol of the child/pet module. However, because it has no restrictions in terms of battery consumption or size, we were able to design a system with a range 3x higher than the wearable module.

And because each basestation has a wi-fi connection, even if the child or pet leaves your home’s security zone, when approaching another basestation it is automatically re-connected with your smartphone through the Cloud—always guaranteeing your privacy. Only you and who you authorise can have access to data modules.2

Findster compnents

What’s more, the Findster app is incredibly easy to use. The app includes a ton of features: Pet activity tracker; 3 Types of fences: circular, irregular and route; push notifications; real-time monitoring; the ability to monitor several modules simultaneously; creation of the shortest path between two points; check on the map the range of a particular base station, among others.


Perhaps the best thing about the Findster is the price tag. You can pre-order a Findster kit for $179 on their Indiegogo campaign. While that seems steep, that is the end of the cost. Many of these devices charge a monthly rate. Here is a look at the Findster:

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