FridgePadII-1Having your iPad safely stored in the Kitchen may seem like a great idea for people that often use their iPad for cooking but it actually makes sense in a family where more than one member uses the same iPad.

The Kitchen is often the center of your home’s universe.  Most people start their day with breakfast in the kitchen. It’s often the collection spot for books, homework, snacktime, family meetings and of course cooking. So why wouldn’t you want to make sure that the iPad had a safe and secure place in the kitchen.

That was the idea that Woodford Design in Bristol UK came up with when they released the original Fridge Pad. The original iPad holder for the fridge was more about access and convenience than it was about food, and recipes.  The original FridgePad was a big success but Apple has since changed the design of the iPad which necessitated the creation of the new FridgePad II. FridgePad II is made to be compatible with all of the currently available iPad models.

FridgePadII-2The mount and stand system has been vigorously tested to make sure that it can withstand being mounted on the fridge. The iPad remains safely in the FridgePad II even as the door to the fridge continually gets slammed shut. It’s sturdy, rugged, and convenient.

The functions of the FridgePad II

  •  Magnetic mount perfect for you refrigerator or any steel surface.
  • 360 degree rotation.
  • Rotation locks for perfect portrait or landscape viewing.
  • Snap on form fitting case to give ultra low profile and stealth mount.
  • Wall Mount
  • Apple smart cover compatible.
  • Full access to all ports and buttons.
  • No tools required.
  • Super fast mount and un-mount.
  • 8 rare earth neodymium magnets for ultra strong magnetic bond.

FridgePadII-4The FridgePad II is a unique mounting solution. If you rather not put the iPad on the fridge, the FridgePad II can be easily mounted on a wall with just one screw and it maintains the same durability as it would on the fridge. This makes it perfect for offices, workshops, and garages.

The FridgePad II is Woodford Design’s follow up to their Quickdraw Cable Kicskstarter project that finished over 400% funded.

Woodford seems to know functionality and design. Find out more about the FridgePad II here.