G-Hold-CESWhen Alison Grieve created the Safetray she created a product that servers across the globe thought was a miracle. The Safetray is a serving tray used by waiters and waitresses alike that has a place for the servers hand to go, to hold the tray to the hand, thus preventing many an accident that could result in injury, loss of tips, loss of a job or just plain embarrassment. The tray worked like magic, concealing the ring that held the tray to the server hand while providing a way to sturdily balance diners food and drinks without any slip ups. The Safetray makes servers safer and faster. Sometimes leaving patrons scratching their heads wondering how one server could balance so perfectly.

I found myself the subject of those looks and head scratches as CES as I hurried down the aisles of the south hall at CES wielding my iPad one handed in what looked like just an iPad cover. At one point I nearly flew up a broken escalator, rendering video, traveling at break neck speed, and even bumping into a person or two, all the while my iPad stayed right where I wanted it, firmly fastened to my left hand, using the same low-tech found in the Safetray.

That’s because my iPad as outfitted with a G-Hold. The latest creation from Grieve, designed to help people be more productive with their tablets without worrying about them falling to the ground.

Sure, a tray of food or drinks may cause a mess or some temporary heartache, but dropping your iPad or tablet could be far worse.

The rotating, fold away G-Hold is permanently affixed to a smart case that looks great on my iPad. The device itself fits comfortably on a right or left hand and it actually feels natural. Before picking up the G-Hold I had tried out a tablet ring which had a big giant metal ball that nestled between my ring and index finger, which was quite uncomfortable.

Then, when I was done with the iPad the G-Hold folded flat right back into the case so that it fit snuggly in the tablet area of my back pack.

I couldn’t tell you the number of people who gave me curious stares as I went about my work while running from meeting to meeting at the western hemispheres most populous trade show.  The G-Hold actually allowed me more time to work because I didn’t have to stop moving. Standing and moving through lines was now time given back to me to render another video, send another email or write another story.

This led me to backing the G-Hold Kickstarter so I could get a second G-Hold, this time in a fine leather case. Not because I have two iPads but because it’s such a tremendous help to my work flow that I want to make sure I am able to use it whether I’m dressing my iPad up or down (that sounds kind of funny doesn’t it).

The G-Hold comes in three varieties, a megastick, micro suction or leather case. You can find all of them here on their Kickstarter page.