GoGlove-FoundersWhat makes GoGlove an amazing thing?

GoGlove is an inner glove that can be worn under someone’s ski gloves, outdoor gloves or even cycling gloves. There is a module inside the glove that connects to sensors that react with each other on the users fingers. In short, GoGlove allows the user/wearer to interact with their mobile device by just putting their fingers together.

GoGlove-rightGoGlove is perfect for skiers, cyclists, runners and even construction workers who wear gloves while they’re working and also enjoy listening to music while they’re working.

With GoGlove there’s no reason to fiddle with your phone to change songs, rewind or even change the volume, which means you can leave your phone in your pocket, saddle bag, or ski jacket and not have to worry about it. Not only is GoGlove super convenient but it’s also an amazing safety product for people on the go.

We got a chance to talk with Eric Ely, who cofounded GoGlove with his cousin Ben Harris.

What does your company do?

We design and sell wearable electronics that interact with your mobile device. Our first product is GoGlove, a glove liner with built in sensors to detect when a user performs specific actions. These actions are then sent to their mobile device via Bluetooth to trigger actions such as controlling music playback, volume, Siri, and taking pictures. The purpose is to make controlling your device very easy even when you cannot easily access the screen.

The control module of GoGlove is meant to be flexible and re-used in other wearables. We are currently developing GoBand as well, a wristband that provides the same type of functionality as GoGlove that can be worn in warmer weather

Who is the target user?

GoGlove is primarily targeted at skiers and snowboarders, but can also be used by runners, bicyclists, motorcyclists, snowmobilers, or any other activity where a glove is worn and you wish to access your mobile device. GoBand extends this to using the device when a glove is not appropriate, such as in warmer weather.

 Why did you build GoGlove?

GoGlove was designed by my cousin Ben and I. I ski and he boards, and we loved listening to music while we did it. But we hated trying to pause our music when someone is talking to you, or trying to change the track when a terrible song comes on. Our phones were in our pockets and we had thick gloves on which made it impossible to access your device unless you stopped and started taking gear off, it was just not practical. So we developed the product so we could listen to music while on the mountain, easily.

Preorder-KickstarterHow is GoGlove different from what is currently available?

Our gloves are a thin liner, so you can wear them underneath your own gloves. This means people can choose what style they want to wear. Also, since it is a glove liner, our product is much cheaper. Our control module is also flexible so it can be used in other wearables, like the GoBand, greatly extending the capabilities. Finally, we use Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology, giving you amazing battery life of up to 6 months.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

This idea has simply evolved over time. Originally, it was Ben’s concept and we kept adding to it over the years, taking it from wired to wireless and deciding to make it a liner instead of an outer glove. We also wanted it to be flexible, so you could buy the glove but use the control module in other wearables. Finally, the right set of technologies came along that we thought it would actually be a practical solution to a common problem.

What’s the next step? What are your short-term goals?

Short term goal is to get funded and finalize the design. We have fully working prototypes but need to finalize on the materials we will use for the glove insert and finalize the case design around the control board.

You can preorder GoGlove here at Kickstarter and find out more here at goglove.io