GoPro-DishwasherWhen the GoPro camera came on the scene it was, and still is, synonymous with adventure. Whether the camera is strapped to the helmet of a skiier, BMX bike rider, surfer or other adrenaline thrill seeking person, GoPro is there to capture the moment.

GoPro has also been used to give video from the point of view of robots, animatronics, amusement park rides and other things that we’ve just never thought to see before.

This is one of the reasons the all in one mini camera has become so popular that they recently filed to go public. 

Lately I’ve enjoyed a string of GoPro videos where the camera has been attached to both dogs and cats. I’m sure if you look hard enough you can find a GoPro video on a horse, a cow, heck maybe even an alligator.

Well over the weekend I saw this video for the first time and sat mesmerized through the entire video watching the GoPro capture the inside of a dishwasher through the entire wash cycle. At first I was put off a bit, concerned that maybe my dishes don’t get that great a wash from the dish washer. Low and behold though I watched with the same amazement I experienced when I was five years old and got to see my first automatic car wash.

The question I’m still asking myself is how they were able to keep it so bright in the dishwasher.

This video is definitely safe for work, but be prepared to give up the next four minutes and thirty four seconds of your life.