One of the more creative One Spark Creator Projects that we were able to check out during the first day of One Spark was Indyoh. In a nutshell, Indyoh acts a sort-of intermediary between independent filmmakers and movie distributors. Indyoh has built a software platform that serves a matchmaking function between filmmakers and distributors, agents, production companies, and studios. What’s more the platform also has a built in video on demand functionality, offering various independent films an television programs. Perhaps the best description of Indyoh comes from their One Spark Creator Profile. In response to the question, “What sets your Project apart from what is currently available?,” Indyoh answered:

There is no online film-market that puts filmmakers in front of distributors who want to buy their movies.

There is no match-making website that helps distributors find exactly what they’re looking for.

Websites that offer self distribution often charge large premiums that filmmakers will rarely – if at ever – see returned.

There is no Website that offers comprehensive educational services and tutorials that walk filmmakers through the process of putting together their deliverables (the items that distributors will require for distribution).

There is no website that allows film festivals the ability to list themselves, and manage ticket sales and manage festival scheduling.

There is no website that offers discounted production services (Quality Control Labs, Dicital Cinema Packaging, Website Management etc) at bulk membership discounts.

There is nothing available that does everything that we do.1

We were able to have a chat with Dwight Cenac, one of the founders of Indyoh. Dwight told us a bit more about the company and what they are trying to accomplish: