iPad Darts SNIPE Darts

Are you a 30 year old with an arsenal of nerf guns in your house that make the neighbor kids drool? Have you been mesmerized by first person shooters since the age of Doom? Do you play laser tag, paintball and love to go to the shooting range?

Well you may have noticed that while mobile games are great for killing time, they’re not great for fans of the shooter.

SNIPElogoWell the crazy crew at XNtouch feel the exact same way. They’re the same company behind SliceSword the sword like stylus designed to take Fruit Ninja on an iPad to entirely new levels by giving the user a physical sword to cut through watermelons, lemons, oranges, apples and pineapples.

SNIPE DARTS it their new interactive app system that allows you to shoot right at your iPad.

With SNIPE DARTS  you set your iPad up in landscape view on a stand, take the snipe darts gun and play through any number of Snipe’s shooter apps. They have target practice apps, first person shooter style games and more. What takes these games over the top and makes them appeal to the shooter in all of us is the nerf like darts that you actually shoot at your iPad.

They’ve carefully crafted the SNIPE DARTS out of electrostatic material that will register a hit every time it touches the screen. And no worries, the darts are light weight, flexible and extremely soft. They’re so soft in fact, that you can shoot an egg with a snipe dart and it won’t even crack.

SNIPE DARTS allows you to play shooting games by yourself, with a buddy on the same iPad or with a buddy on two different iPads.

Even better, they’re open sourcing SNIPE DARTS so developers can make their own interactive shooting games.

Look through any big box department store or Toys R Us and you’ll find more and more games that have interactive toy components. Even Nintendo is jumping on the band wagon of bringing physical toys into the gaming world. It’s just the way things are moving.

SNIPE-blasterSNIPE DARTS is introducing two guns at the start. The SNIPE Rapid Fire Blaster has a wheel at the top and allows the user to quickly fire multiple SNIPE DART rounds. The SNIPE Single Fire Blaster allows the user to precisely shoot one dart at a time. The darts register the hit on the user’s iPad and immediately fall off the screen to allow the user to keep on playing.

Because SNIPE DARTS is on your iPad it’s perfect for the living room, the game room or even your office.

You can check out Snipe Darts here.