iSpotlight-iconAre you a diehard sports fan? Are you a pop culture or celebrity junkie? Are you keeping up with a fantasy sports team? Sure there are hundreds of ways to keep up with your favorite stars, athletes and celebrities.

Sure you can use a news reader, Facebook updates, or even Twitter, but when it comes right down to it those solutions are either too noisy or too disorganized. It’s hard to flip through 50 different Twitter accounts on a game day and hashtags make it nearly impossible to weed out the legitimate information.

As we roll into 2014 there are a lot of big evens upon us. Monday marks the college football BCS Championship. We’re just a matter of weeks away from the Superbowl, the Grammy Awards and even the NBA All Star Game. Have you ever tried to watch an event like the NBA All Star Game and monitored it with Twitter. #GoHeat right.

ispotlight-screen-1iSpotlight, an app created in Knoxville Tennessee, is the app you need to keep up with what matters most to you. Users can keep up with their favorite celebrities and their favorite sports icons. With iSpotlight you cut through all the noise and illuminate the objects of your attention. You simply look for your favorite sports stars, celebrities or musicians and follow them. Then, similarly to Twitter or other apps, you can easily pull up one person or quickly see an entire list of everyone you’re following.

ispotlight-screen2From there you can share any social media status updates, videos, and news about your favorites by putting them in the spotlight for other iSpotlight users. You can also share outside of the app to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, text or email.

Brothers Ryan and Patrick Kelly created the app to fill a need they couldn’t find in the popular app Flipboard. Of course Flipboard is great for following topics and subjects but it doesn’t allow you to follow a specific person. While people love to follow news, there is a more emotional connection with their favorite celebrities, which is why iSpotlight makes sense.

iSpotlight-Screen3While both of the Kelly brothers have “day jobs” they’ve also been working more than fulltime on iSpotlight. They’re constantly expanding their content offerings and coming up for ideas for new features. But they won’t push all the feature ideas at one time they’re going to gradually update iSpotlight, making it even more intriguing to keep up with the app itself.

The feature rich app also has a “store” channel that allows users to buy merchandise and swag from their favorites.

You can start following your favorite celebrities, sports stars and musicians now by downloading iSpotlight here in the iTunes app store.