iWatch Imminent With TAG Heuer Hire

Apple’s dip into the world of wearables and smart watches has been rumored for the past two and a half years. The rumors have really heated up in the last 12 months or so with tons of mock up photos, “leaks” and analysts chiming in. Tim Cook has even hinted at the iWatch in recent days.

It’s firmly believed that with Apple’s new HealthKit app that will come with iOS8, an iWatch is also right around the corner. While the hub for HealthKit will be your standard iOS device, be it an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, a smart watch is believed to be an integral piece of Apple’s health puzzle.

Now numerous sources, including TechnoBuffalo, are reporting a major talent acquisition in Cupertino.

LVMH, TAG Heuer’s parent company, head of jewelry and watches, Jean-Claude Biver was asked about comments he recently made about Apple trying to recruit top employees from the fine watch manufacturer. He laughed and said  “Our sales director left yesterday because he took a contract with Apple to launch the iWatch,”

Technobuffalo also reports that their has been an abundance of hires made in the smart device and fitness industries at Apple.

Apple has been under fire recently as they haven’t innovated with a new mass consumer product in quite sometime. Last year they released a new cylindrical Mac Pro computer, however the price point makes it a computer designed for high end audio, video and enthusiast applications. The companies most recent hardware innovation was the iPad Mini with Retina and of course last years re-ups of the iPhone.

Apple is expected to launch two new iPhones, possibly two new iPads and an iWatch before the year lets out.

Our friends at Technobuffalo have a great gallery of iWatch renders.