Megalo MiniAgain, it is no secret that we love external batteries. Kyle has been known to walk around conferences with tens of thousands of milliamps in reserve. Anyhow, there is a real balancing act when it comes to finding the perfect external power source. You can load up and get a big, bulk battery with tons of power, or you can slim down, and carry along a small source with hardly enough power to charge your phone. That is, until now. Meet the Megalo Mini:

Megalo Mini 3

The Megalo Mini is the perfect size at 67 x 41 x 14 mm, and weighing in at 47 grams. Its a little bit bigger than the old keyless entry remotes for cars. The size is great, but when you combine that with the battery its is amazing. The Magalo Mini holds 1400 mAh, or enough to charge your iPhone 5 up to 75%, or my MotoX 100%.

Megalo Mini comes with the cables built in, making it even more compact. So there’s no extraneous wire, unlike with most other portable chargers. True to its non-gimmicky purpose, Megalo Mini does what a portable charger is supposed to do –- it provides extra power for a phone in the most convenient and effortless way possible.1

Megalo Mini 2What’s more, the Megalo Mini charges your phone, and itself incredibly fast:

Megalo Mini charges most phones in about an hour. Megalo Mini itself can be recharged in 45 minutes. In fact, you can simultaneously charge your phone and Megalo Mini from any USB port. Four LED lights on the front cover of Megalo Mini indicate how much charge is left. A high-quality and reliable PCB prevents Megalo Mini from overcharging when the battery is full.2

On the Kickstarter Campaign, you can still get one of the early bird Megalo Minis for $34, but the price will bounce up to $39 when these are all gone. The Megalo Mini comes with either a standard Micro-USB or a Lightining Cable for iPhone 5 Models.