Kitchen Cloud

Another app that we are really looking forward to checking out at One Spark is Kitchen Cloud. Though the app is not yet available, it looks pretty awesome. Essentially, Kitchen Cloud combines analytics and big data with your kitchen and pantry.

There are a fair amount of applications on the market that help you manage what you eat, but have you ever thought of how you eat? At Kitchen Cloud this is one of the primary challenges we wanted to address. When you purchase goods from your local grocery store one of the things you always want to keep in mind, is the freshness of the food you purchase. That was really the Genesis behind the idea of the application.

There is a plethora of information stored inside of a barcode, from where the item was grown or raised, to the freshness of that product. We can collect that data and use it to communicate with our application to help you better track the freshness of food from the point-of-purchase. Giving you the user the data collected to make informed decisions about what to eat, even track your eating habits through our analytics system. The corresponding recipes section will suggest recipes based upon the food items stored within the digital pantry in the application at the same time consider any dietary restrictions that you may have.1

Kitchen Cloud 1

Kitchen Cloud gives you the ability to manage and monitor the items you purchase from the grocery store. The app will give you detailed data point about these purchases: when they were purchased, where it was grown/packaged, and detailed nutritional facts. Further, the app will give you in-depth analytics about your purchases. Pretty cool.

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