Edsby-2-topWe know that edtech is becoming insanely popular. More and more schools, districts and state-wide school systems are replacing old systems with new technology platforms. Sure edtech games and curriculum delivery systems can be interesting. New technology in the classroom can be fun, but schoolwide systems typically run on the boring side.

So it’s exciting to see that Edsby, a school information system, is so well loved by not just teachers but students as well, that they’ve written a song about it.

Students and teachers at Toronto District Christian High School in Woodbridge Ontario, Canada, have transformed breakout summer hit “Let Me Take A Selfie” by the Chainsmokers into a song professing their love for the Edsby platform.

Let Me Check My Edsby from Edsby on Vimeo.

Let that sink in for just a second, teachers and students at a parochial school liked the system so much they took a song that would otherwise compromise their moral compass, and turned it into a fun ditty and video about Edsby.

With videos like this, Edsby may not need to produce commercials:

Edsby is a school information management system infused with social elements that students, teachers and parents enjoy. Their cloud based platform allows teachers to track grades, assignments, classes, notes and attendance.

Parents can use Edsby to see how their child did on a test or assignment, how they’re doing in school and if they’re making it to class on time.

Students can use Edsby to collaborate on projects, interact with teachers and customize their profile a little bit to interject their own personality.

Edsby takes a better approach than companies like Edmodo. Edsby considers everyone who touches the student’s educational life in any way, as a very important part of the system. They also make it a complete system where all the parts work together.

Finally, Edsby actually sells their platform which is better than a freemium model when you’re dealing with data and information about someone’s kid. They don’t have to, and absolutely don’t share their information with anyone. They use the proceeds from selling to satisfied customers like Toronto District Christian High School, to continually innovate and grow the platform.

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