Locky-TopComparatively speaking a Macbook is an expensive computer. But what can be more expensive is the data that’s stored on a Mac. You could be planning the next big startup or working on a client’s financials, but what happens when you run out for lunch or to get coffee down the hall?

Macbook’s have a time out feature, like most every laptop in the world but sometimes a timeout feature isn’t quick enough for prying eyes. I mean if you step away from your computer for just four seconds, that’s long enough for Jack Bauer to dump your entire hard drive right?

Well the team behind Locky have developed a fun and secure way to lock your Macbook from prying eyes.

Locky-2Locky is a security system for your Macbook that makes your iPhone serve as a sensor of sorts that detects when you move away from your computer. Presumably you may leave your Macbook at your workspace to go to the bathroom, get coffee or lunch but everyone takes their iPhone everywhere, right?

With Locky, using Bluetooth Low Energy, your computer will lock when you step away from it for any reason. It makes your iPhone the key for your computer which makes a lot of sense.

locky-22The Locky team is on Indiegogo raising funds for the first commercially available iteration of Locky along with some extra fun features they hope to include.

Locky wants to be able to display your Macbook’s desktop on your phone and also alert you if someone is successful in prying into your computer.

All in all it seems that Locky may be a great way to protect the important information on your Macbook. You can find out more here.