Marissa_Mayer_188Marissa Mayer is an absolute rock star. Going from one of Google’s earliest employees, rising through the ranks and ultimately leaving to be the CEO of another  internet giant of time’s past, Yahoo. Oh and did we mention she took the position when she was pregnant.

There’s no doubt that the female power executive that still holds her midwest charm, is an amazing executive and a big thinker.

That’s why it’s no surprise that she may have inspired the design for Google’s driverless car.

While some tech blogs are acting like it’s some kind of conspiracy, Mayer was at Google for over a decade. She was employee 20 and supervised several divisions at Google as they were brought online. So of course, there are still parts of Google, even moon shots that were created, started or inspired by Mayer.

Several sources have said that in 2011 Mayer was part of a brainstorming session at BMW. Together they were trying to sketch out an idea she had for easing office commutes.

Mayer’s basic idea was for little driver-less bubbles that went on normal routine routes so that the driver wouldn’t have to worry about driving the car. The driver could instead, take phone calls safely, work on a presentation, or meet with colleagues right in the car. In California or even New York traffic, the routine 10 mile drive can take up to an hour (or sometimes more).

“All I really need is a little bubble that drives itself and when it runs into something, it doesn’t hurt that much…and…you know, like it doesn’t actually take up that much fuel because it’s so lightweight and it’s good for the environment for that reason.” Mayer said.

“I would love to be able to work, talk, do business…you know…meet with friends or family…while I’m getting to somewhere” she said in a BMW film series video.

Google’s driver-less car idea is in development now and the company plans to get 100 working prototypes beta testing in California. This could be the way automobiles work in the future, perhaps on top of solar powered roads.

Google was met with opposition from Detroit automakers as soon as the project was officially announced.

Although she’s now doing big things at Yahoo, it really shouldn’t come as any surprise that Mayer could have been the inspiration for the driver-less car. Just look at the design.

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