McDonalds Order App

McDonalds has always prided themselves on how fast they can serve you two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun along with an order of fries and a drink. McDonalds restaurants that stay on their toes can usually get that to the customer from order to hand in less than one minute. That’s pretty darn fast…

Now, the fast food giant is beta testing a new order ahead app, you know for those times when you’re uber busy and want a quick McDonald’s fix.

McDonald’s originally rolled their mobile ordering app out in Australian restaurants late last year. In May they added Austria to the mix. Now the company is rolling out their first beta test in the United States in the Columbus Georgia market which includes 22 stores in Columbus Georgia, Phenix City and Valley Alabama.

The app allows you to put together orders and put them into a cart with a mobile commerce UI that’s similar to the way you shop on Amazon. After the order is complete you pay for it with a credit, debit or gift card that you already have tied to your McDonald’s account. Once the payment is made the food is prepared. You then scan a QR code on either a curbside pick up box or the front counter.

If you select curbside pickup a friendly McDonalds’ employee will bring your food to the car. If you select the front counter your number will appear on the screen indicating that the order is ready for pickup.

Mobile ordering and payment apps are not new. Starbucks reports that their mobile payment app accounts for 14% of their transactions. Business Insider says that Chik Fil A and Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons also have mobile payment apps.

McDonalds is trying to streamline processes for customers anywhere that they can. They’re also looking at this program so that they use customer data to validate promotions that work against promotions that don’t work as effectively.

There’s no mention of when the beta test will end so for now if you’re in the Columbus GA market let us now how your experience goes, ordering McDonalds’ food with an app.