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Is Nabto The Internet Of Things Infrastructure?

We have seen a ton of crowdfunding campaigns, but we just came across one that is very interesting, Nabto has built a box that allows for “peer-to-peer remote access to your home network.” Essentially, then, the Nabtobox “enables you to create remote access to your home network in one-click. Access and control all your home networked Gizmo’s from anywhere.” This is an interesting concept. We had a chance to ask the Nabto team a few more questions about the box:


What is Nabto?

Nabto has been producing products at the cross section of embedded hardware and internet software. Their products have been installed surveillance cameras, alarm systems, air conditioners, heating systems, building controls, sky-lights, industrial controls, solar-inverters and wind turbines among other devices.

Tell us about the Nabto-box

What makes the Nabto-box unique in the industry is that it is not relying on any other system or technology to work. In fact, the small business or homeowner only needs internet access to make their Nabto-box work. This means that consumers can have easy access to their home or business network regardless of the generation of technology those devices were built on. Currently, this technology is either exclusively available through expensive third party service providers and cable companies or too labor intensive for the average consumer and small business owner to navigate and install. With the Nabto-box, this integration can be accomplished in one easy step.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

They believe in creating an ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) infrastructure, based on a Peer-To-Peer distributed technological approach. An approach that may be challenging, but continues to create awesome solutions. The company has received funding from a team of Danish investors in conjunction with funding from the Danish ministry of business and growth. For more information on Nabto, visit

What’s the next step? What are your short-term goals?

Nabto is raising money for the production of the Nabto-box through an Indiegogo campaign that started earlier this week. Nabto is seeking $75,000.00 and is providing free product and discounts to supporters among other incentives. For more information on the Nabto-box, please visit