NearViewWe’ve seen a fair amount of life-logging, wearable cameras. That said, we just came across a new, creative take on the wearable camera. NewViewWear takes the wearable camera and incorporates a line of clothing.


Before diving into the clothing, the camera is worth examining, as it looks to be one of, if not the, most powerful wearable cameras. To start with, it is the smallest 1080HD camera available. It records 1080HD video, 30fps, with H.264 encoding, or set it to 720HD, 60/30fps or lower with a 100 degree wide angle view. It takes 5MP photos and has a microphone and image stabilization built right in. It weighs less than one ounce, and recordes with 4 different settings: time lapse photo, auto video, loop, and loop with touch sensor tapping. The camera comes with a companion app that allows you to wirelessly view, save and share recordings.

clothingThe decision to include a clothing line is really unique. Each article of clothing contains a small pouch for the camera. The camera fits “seamlessly into and mounts inside the pocket of NVW shirts. Small lens opening for camera weighing less than an ounce.”1  However, you don’t need the clothing to use the camera. There are several ways that you can connect or mount the camera to any piece clothing:


The NewViewWear is really an interesting take on the wearable lifelogging camera. Currently, you can pre-order the camera itself for $149 or the camera and one piece of the clothing for $189 from the NewViewWear Indiegogo Campaign. Here is a look at the camera in use: