Pebble, Thermostat, Honeywell, Internet of things, Wearable

(image: pocketlint)

The “internet of things” is on a massive growth spurt. Until recently the “internet of things” has mostly centered around your smartphone as the hub and the controller for whatever brain you have at the center of your “things”. Yesterday we brought you the story of the Nucano Smart Door Chime, which serves as a hub at the front door of your smart home. Soon more and more of these “things” will start talking to each other.

The next logical step for the internet of things and your smart home is the smart watch. Pebble, the first smart watch produced and sold to the masses has been quickly bulking up their app library and now SlashGear reports that the latest Pebble app can control your thermostat.

If you happen to have the Honeywell Evohome Smart Zoning System and a Pebble watch you can start experiencing the future today.

Honeywell’s Evohome Smart Zoning System helps save customers energy cost by dividing up the work into zones. It can be used with a home with multiple heatpump units, or even a single heatpump unit. This allows you to control the temperature in rooms or zones separately. If you want the living room a little cooler than the dining room, this Honeywell system is for you. The Honeywell Evohome system can control up to 12 separate zones.

The Pebble Smart Watch app for the Honeywell Evohome system will show the wearer the details of each zone. It also allows you to turn quick actions on or off.  Quick actions are pre-set programs that tell the Honeywell system anything from whether you want the system on or off or to go to a certain temperature.

It doesn’t appear that you can manually change the temperature in each room with your Pebble watch yet, but it’s quite possible we could see that feature in a future update.

Photo: Pocketlint