PFchangs-fraudOn Tuesday, Asian casual dining restaurant chain PF Chang’s China Bistro reported that they were investigating a breach of customer’s personal and payment data.

CEO Rick Federico said that the company, “initiated an investigation with the United States Secret Service and a team of third-party forensics experts to understand the nature and scope of the incident, and while the investigation is still ongoing, we have concluded that data has been compromised,”

They also jumped into action to calm customer worries by opening up a website for possibly affected customers at The company is using that site to keep customers informed as to what they’re finding in the investigation.

creditcardAt this time the company doesn’t know when the breach started or when it ended. They reported on their site that customer’s credit card and debit card numbers may have been exposed.

While the company has taken a proactive stance in regards to customer risk, they may expose themselves to loss while they remedy the situation. PF Chang’s has made sure that all 200 US restaurants have been equipped with the equipment and instructions to manually imprint credit card information, which will be turned in the old fashioned way and sent to their banks for processing. This leaves PF Chang’s vulnerable to a loss in receipts as they aren’t running credit card and debit cards for authorization immediately. To hopefully eliminate some of that risk PF Chang’s is making sure they are matching all cards with a photo ID.

The manual process is taking a little longer than it would to check out with a swiping process however this is safer in the long run for the customers until they figure out where the breach originated and how it can be fixed.

While PF Chang’s is a large chain they don’t have nearly the exposure from a data breach standpoint, as Target had over the holidays.

If you’ve eaten at PF Chang’s recently you can go here for more information.