Winter is already in full swing for the North East and other parts of the country. All summer long people can’t wait until the first snow fall, then it arrives and the world comes to a stand still.

Other than cabin fever and Walmart running out of bread milk and toilet paper, the next biggest pain in the ass during a snow storm is plowing.

Imagine if you could order a snow plow to your door, just as easily as you can an Uber car in a major city? Well that’s become a reality for people in Syracuse thanks to a new app called Plowz.

PlowzJust as you can imagine, Wiliam Mahoney, who created Plowz, makes it as easy as pressing a few buttons on a mobile app and the closest available plow in the area comes to dig you out. “Instead of having to go out there and do it themselves, they tap a couple of buttons on their phone, and the closest plow driver is going to get the job,”  Mahoney told WRVO. “They can go back to bed and wake up and see a picture of their freshly plowed driveway on their device.”

Once a customer requests a plow, snow plow drivers who have signed up for the service are alerted and can respond to the job. Andrew Elegander, Mahoney’s partner, says there are 20 plow drivers already signed up.

“We have a map that we can see in real time where every driver is located,” Mahoney said. “And they have a certain radius. So a driver in Camillus isn’t gong to see a job in Manlius. We want this to be as efficient and fast as possible.” The duo says plow jobs start at $25 and go up depending on size.

Plowz-screenshotPlowx eliminates a headache for homeowners and gives plow drivers another way to make money during the snow season. It also offers a layer of convenience. The company says that you could be vacationing in Florida and order a plow for your driveway back home in New York. Or you could order a plow for an elderly friend or relative.

Customers are able to pay for the plow using their credit card through the mobile app. There is also no contract to sign, users can use Plowz as often or as little as they want.

Right now it’s only available for snow removal in the Syracuse area but they plan on expanding to more cities.

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