pocketpromoterAnother App being displayed at One Spark this year is the Pocket Promoter. The Tampa, Florida based project was founded by a team of four, three of them with over 15 years in development experience and one a financial accountant for over 5 years. Their product is aimed at bars, nightclubs, and their patrons.

The Pocket Promoter brings the bar & nightclub industry into the 21st century with an innovative software that allows clubs to manage guest lists and reservations from any PC or mobile device. Customers will carry the ability to manage their entire nightlife experience in their pocket. They’ll be able to discover events, make bottle and/or table reservations, prepay cover, order refreshments, Mingle© with other guests, and share their experiences via their social networks. It offers clubs a means to make products and services readily available to their customers. This new technology will bridge the gap between nightclubs and their customers who are becoming increasingly reliant on their mobile devices.

There are quite a few apps out there that are similar to the Pocket Promoter but it has distinguishing features:

Among our competitors, nobody else is currently offering in club service like we will, where the club patron will be able to send/receive drinks from other patrons, and order more bottles from their tables all from their smartphones. Our Mingle feature allows users at the same event to interact with each other by chatting or sending drinks.

The Pocket Promoter will be at The Jacksonville Landing venue at One Spark allowing attendees to beta test their product in an effort to get constructive feedback from the users. They are seeking to connect with testers, customers, collaborators, the community, and mentors as they seek to get closer to their funding goal. As a person that really enjoys the nightlife I will be very interested in checking out their booth.


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