Enugjug-headerIt almost feels weird writing about cannabis and marijuana out in the open on a huge publicly facing tech blog, but of course times have changed. With more and more states easing up on marijuana regulations an entirely new tech industry has been created.

We’ve seen several new tech related startups and crowdfunding projects designed for the cannabis and growing industries. Take this grow room controller for instance. Although they aren’t going to make their goal, the creator was trying to release a product that allowed growers to monitor and control their growing facility remotely.

While that project only applied to growers there are more and more ideas and innovations coming out of the wood work for the cannabis consumer, like the eNugJug.

The eNugJug is a new device that’s designed to protect and keep an accurate weight count of your marijuana supply. Even though you may live in an area where marijuana is legal, there are still people who may try and steal a little bit here and there. You’ve probably experienced that feeling, thinking someone is raiding your stash and not having the ability to know for sure. With eNugJug you can. The eNugJug keeps track of the weight of your stash, much like those kids piggy banks that keep a running tally of how much money is inside.

enug-jug-appThe eNugJug is feature packed and backed by an equally as feature packed app. The jug allows you to accurately weigh your “nugs” in grams. It also allows you to subtract “nugs” as you take them out and then recalculates your eNugJug weight. It even features a backlit LCD screen so you can see what you’ve got in your stash in the dark.

The app allows you to track and manage your stash on your smartphone. The app can display the stats of how much cannabis you’ve used as well as the money you’ve spent. It also helps you manage your stash.

You can find out more about the eNugJug here and preorder it on indiegogo.