PS4-bNow with both next gen systems on US store shelves for over a month the picture may be coming a little clearer. All of the early indicators showed that PS4 was beating Xbox One. Most surveys suggested the PS4 was more sought after and early sales reports showed PS4 clearly in the lead. Early tech pundits thought that the Xbox One may end up leading because it launched in more countries at one time but that was not the case. By Thanksgiving weekend the score had evened out.

While not the least bit technical, most techies that have been looking for an Xbox One have found one. There were even some Game Stop and Best Buy stores that had stock on the Xbox One on Christmas Eve. That could either be that demand is lower or that Microsoft anticipated stock levels a little better than Sony. Last week, Sony reiterated that they were not “short selling” PS4 units to increase demand, a tactic that in this economy, could translate to less sales.

On Monday, BGR reported that two new pieces of data had trickled in, again suggesting that PS4 is the more sought after machine. First up, an independent survey of Benzinga readers showed that they would rather get the PS4 over the Microsoft offering. Another report, this time at Ars Tecnica, showed that the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One on ebay by a margin of 2-1.

Both systems have equally as bad launch offering for games, with no immediate influx in new releases ahead. Except for each manufacturers signature titles, like Forza for the Xbox One and Killzone for the Playstation 4 both systems launched with the exact same game. Interestingly enough the Grand Turismo franchise for Playstation re-upped to it’s 6th release during the holiday buying frenzy but it was exclusive to PS3 with a PS4 update (Grand Turismo 7) expected early next year.

While fan boys everywhere are saying their system is better, right now PS4 is holding out as the holiday and launch winner.