LevarBurton-RRLevar Burton, the actor made famous by his show Reading Rainbow and then Star Trek, has been spending a lot of time in the techsfphere lately. His Reading Rainbow app for iTunes he considers a “Netflix For Kids” it allows users to download new books and keeps the content fresh.  The Reading Rainbow app is a lot more than just throwing a popular kids show into a mobile experience, it’s become one of the most popular edutainment apps available.

Burton took the stage at the Engadget Expand conference on Saturday after getting to experience Google Glass for a short time. “It disturbed me. I was skeptical… [and] I’m a person that’s very open to technology.” Burton told Engadet. 

Engadget called Burton’s reaction to Google Glass knee jerk but pointed out that it may be part his celebrity that caused the reaction. “A person in my position has cameras pointed at him all the time. My first question to [Timothy Jordan] was, ‘Am I being recorded?’ If I had this sort of knee-jerk bias, [then] we have a huge education problem in terms of getting people to adapt to next-generation technology.” Burton explained.

While Burton was disturbed by Google Glass that doesn’t mean he won’t ever use it. Is it likely that we’ll see Reading Rainbow on Google Glass, no one knows but Burton did highlight the need to embrace emerging technologies in order to explore new ideas and push boundaries.

Burton basically said that technology is the key to the future of education, and whatever medium is embraced, be it tablet apps, computer apps or even wearable technology like Google Glass, companies, like his, that want to stay relevant, need to embrace all aspects of technology.

Although Google Glass could have easily been technology aboard the USS Enterprise in Star Trek, the Engadget conversation stayed away from talking about the sci-fi staple and Burton’s other big television role.