RealityCrowdTV-OneSparkManolis Sfinarolakis is hoping to spread the word about crowdfunding by educating through his internet tv program “Reality Crowd TV”.

Sfinarolakis is hoping to grow Reality Crowd TV into a national platform where successfully crowdfunded entrepreneurs can share their experiences, best practices, and even challenges with a global audience. Right now he’s set out on a national tour to promote the site, and crowdfunding in general through a series of small entrepreneurial events.

Sfinarolakis is joined by Jessica Sun his cofounder who is a serial entrepreneur and passionate about helping other people.

In his pitch at OneSpark he talked about the idea to spread the word about crowdfunding acknowledging the fact that so many people have heard about it through news snippets and stories on tech and startup blogs but people don’t understand it.

Many crowdfunded projects fail because creators don’t understand the undertaking the crowdfunding projects take. Then, after a negative experience, those creators abandon their dreams after the experience. By educating through the tv program and then expanding it’s distribution the cofounders hope to get more people involved and more people doing it.

In talking to us after the pitch Sfinarolakis talked about the next phase of his project which would be to bridge the online crowdfunding with an offline co-working acceleration environment, tying everything back together via the Reality TV network.

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