Gaming, RoccatLet’s face it, using a keyboard to get more out of your PC games then your mouse and joystick offer is so 1995. For at least the last 5 years I’ve been playing so many different PC games with my iPhone sitting on my desk. Sure I may look at it when it buzzes with a text message or a may use it to tell a buddy to hurry up and get online but this very useful bit of technology has gone unused in the gaming world.

Now thanks to Roccat, a leader in gaming peripherals, the iPhone and the PC game have become united. What’s even better is that you can customize how you use your phone in conjunction with the game you’re playing, not by hacking the game but by using Roccat’s Power-Grid website.

The game-changing software consists of a smartphone app, which runs on iOS and Android devices, and accompanying host software, which runs on Windows. This technology is used to turn the smartphone into a sophisticated, fully customizable remote control for the PC, extending the environment of the gamer onto their smartphone. Power-Grid features countless preset Grids and Controls that offer functionality ranging from adjusting Windows settings to executing in-game macro sequences in popular games such as StarCraft II and League of Legends. The software also provides gamers with the ability to create their own extensively configurable Grids and Controls, allowing them to cater to their own specific needs and desires. The new Power-Grid website – launched simultaneously – provides a database for those searching for additional Grids and Controls. The database will feature ROCCAT as well as community content, the latter being facilitated by the launcher software’s easy-to-use Grid and Control import/export process.

ROCCAT CEO and founder René Korte comments: “Power-Grid opens up a whole new world of opportunities for PC gamers. Finally you are able to connect your smartphone to your gaming environment – it just feels natural and makes perfect sense. Forget about inflexible solutions like keyboards with integrated displays; create your own command center and benefit from this innovative ROCCAT technology.”

Power-Grid uses WiFi to connect the smartphone to the PC. This means that commands from the phone are executed on the PC in real time. Information from games and software can be displayed on the smartphone, too, meaning it can also be used as an effective second screen. In order to empower the full potential, ROCCAT provides a SDK for Power-Grid. “Professional developers and studios will make use of this just like ambitious amateur coders”, say René Korte. “At GDC Europe this year people were amazed by the possibilities and openness of Power-Grid and its SDK. A lot of creative minds out there will do a lot of unseen things with it – and so will we.”

I know you’re going to ask, how much is the hardware? Well this time there is no hardware. Get started with Power-Grid now just click here.