The smart device market is in for a facelift, and it’s Samsung weaving the magic again. The all new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is, undoubtedly, the next big thing to happen to the smartphone and tablet market. Encased in a mesmerizingly beautiful metal body, this 5.7 inch Quad HD display device is a design marvel, right from the first sight. Change the way you enjoy digital beauty with the super AMOLED display that showcases all your multimedia content on a comfortably large screen. Stylus experience assumes a new attire with the all new and upgraded S Pen that the new Note 4 boasts of, allowing users to use their smart device as the smartest piece of slate ever invented! Enjoy using innovative features like ‘action memo’, ‘smart select’, and ‘screen write’ with the cool S Pen. With super fast charging and remarkably long battery life, Note 4 is the ideal companion for those long days at the office and those lengthy journeys on the weekends. Productivity, innovation and entertainment are built right into the design and specs of this ultra powerful smart device that’s all set to sizzle in the global markets.