Never one to shy away from innovation, especially in screens and displays, Samsung has been granted a patent for one of their most amazing screen technologies to date.

PhoneArena reported by way of PatentBolt that the Korean based electronics giant has filed a patent for “backside touch control for future devices with transparent displays”. This is just the latest from the company that brought SuperAMOLED to market and is pushing full steam ahead for flexible screens.

The patent application details several important touchscreen functions Samsung wants users to be able to do with this new display.

Samsung-Patentbolt-1– Opening app folders with a backside touch

– Hiding/revealing text on a second level

– Moving overlapping objects simultaneously

– screen lock/unlock using complex combinations on both sides of the display

– controlling video from the backside of the display


The real estate on the backside of a smartphone has become very popular. LG’s latest flagship phone, the LG G2 places a function button on the back of the phone. Samsung is looking to take advantage of all that otherwise dead space as well.

There’s no word on when we can expect this technology in a Samsung Galaxy smartphone but the company is not one to just get a patent for something like this and then shelve the technology.

The other big question here is with a double sided transparent display where do the inner workings, chip sets, radios, memory and other vital parts go?

It definitely seems interesting though.

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Images: patentbolt.com