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We just came across a really interesting company. Securitapp takes a unique approach to home security. They have built an app that allows you to turn just about any old and unused phone into a surveillance system. If you are like me, you have a ton of old phones laying around. Now, there is finally a use for these old devices. Securitapp just launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the development of the app. The team was kind enough to answer a few questions for us. 


What is Securitapp?

Securitapp is an app (Apple & Android) that turns your old and unused mobile phone’s camera, into a surveillance system. Point the camera to the area of your home or business that you need to control. And if a motion is detected, the app will take a shot and send it instantly to your email.

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Why did you build Securitapp?

Some time ago, a friend of mine suffered a burglary and unfortunately his son was the first to come back home, from the school. He was shocked when he discovered all the things scattered on the floor. So, I decided to create SECURITAPP because everyone has the right to feel safe and secure. We decided to create a surveillance system easy, cheap and simple, for everyone and for anywhere.


Who are the founders?

We’re a mobile development company based in Barcelona, Spain.

Pere Sanz – CEO :
Wilfredo Perez – CTO :

What’s the next step?

Once we get the funds at Indiegogo, we’ll publish the iOS and Android app at the end of July.

We would like to thank the Securitapp Team for answering our questions. For more info, check out their Indiegogo campaign.