Skye Energy

With all of the innovation around us all of the time, it is strange that there are not any wholesale energy improvements. Be they in the form of improving efficiency, providing more detailed use statistics, or improving the delivery mechanisms. Certainly, there are companies that are working to improve the state of the energy industry. That said, these companies are fighting an uphill battle. The oil and gas industry spent a whopping $144,682,462 on lobbying in 2013, the third most of any industry in that year.1

skyeRant aside, one of these companies that is working to innovate the energy sector is Skye Energy. According to their CrunchBase Profile, Skye Energy:

Provides a cloud software platform for commercial building energy and water operational analysis and detailed efficiency recommendations. Building owners can share their building details and opportunities with marketplace providers that can bring greater detail to the analysis and submit energy and water efficiency project ideas.2

Essentially, Skye Energy wants to provide a much more detailed look at, “where energy and water go inside a building.”3 Skye Energy does this by performing detailed energy audits:

This leverages building data that is typically spread around the building engineer’s office, utility history, aerial views, etc… allowing us to do the audit remotely, and saving you time and money4

However, there is another aspect to Skye Energy’s services. The company keeps these audits on file, and acts as an intermediary between building owners and service providers. The Open Skye, “platform provides a way for the best providers to leverage the building data and models put together in the audit to build the projects for you, without any effort required.”5

We had a chance to speak with Skye Energy at the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) Technology Showcase. We learned a bit more about the process, and some of the services that the company offers: