Daisy 1

We were just forwarded some information on a new Indiegogo campaign that kicked off today. This is the Daisy.si – Smart plant waterer. The Daisy.si Smart plant waterer is unique in a lot of ways. The Smart plant warterer is somewhat similar to the Parrot Flower Power, but it has a lot more functionality than Parrot’s offering; the Flower Power can only monitor plant health and measure various levels, like soil moisture and sunlight.

daisy 4

While the Parrot Flower Power functionality is confined to passive monitoring, the Smart waterer can act upon the same measurements:

Our plant waterer is an all-in-one compact device. It consists of a soil moisture sensor, a LED light to signal the soil moisture content, a light sensor and an extremely advanced water dosing valve. It can be used anywhere, since we only need a container with water, a small water tube and the daisy.si waterer…The waterer enables the plant to be watered adequately by continiously measuring the soil moisture content. Depending on this information it decides when it is the right time to water. 1

Daisy 2

What’s even more, the Smart waterer is incredibly simple to use

for the use of sprinkler we need a source of water – it can be a small vase or a large barrel. We put the tube of the waterer in the containter and set the waterer into the soil. The device automatically detects that it is in the soil and it turns on. During the day, it is constantly monitoring the level of humidity in the soil, and if it is necessary, it decides to water – it opens the valve and the water starts to flow from the container. This works for at least two years on two small batteries inside.2

The Parrot Flower Power will set you back around $60. The Smart waterer, however, is a reward for a mere $30 pledge to the Indiegogo campaign. Check out the below video to see the Smart waterer in action: