If you are like us, you often have more devices than outlets, especially when traveling. This is a real pain as you have to set up a hierarchy of importance, and often leave several devices uncharged. No longer. Feast your eyes on the SmartQuad 4 Port Travel Charger from Skiva:


The SmarQuad is a “Universal 4 ports USB charger for iPhone, iPad, Android and other USB devices,” with “Intelligent device detection for optimal charging.”1 The intelligent device detection is an awesome feature. Essentially, the SmartQuad detects which sort of device you plugged in – a tablet, phone, computer, etc. – and provides the optimal amount of current. Among the meany features of the SmartQuad, a few stand out:

  • Compact, lightweight – wighing only 5.75 ounces.
  • Charges up to 4 devices at fastest possible speed. (4 x 2.4 Amps Ports)
  • Can charge virtually any smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth headset, GPS or any other USB based device irrespective of manufacturer.
  • Safe and quite (Fan-less). CE, FCC and RoHS Certified with protection for overcharge, over-voltage, overheat & short circuit.
  • Smart detection function. Optimal charging by intelligent device detection.
  • International compatibility. With 100-240VAC 47-63Hz power input, SmartQuad can be used in any country.

Skiva SmartQuad

Right now, you can pre-order the SmartQuad on Kickstarter. As of writing, there are a few early beard deals left for the price of $25. Once these are gone, it looks like you have to pay $75, but that price comes with a bunch of added benefits. Here is a quick video detailing the Smart Charger: