SteadicamcurveOutdoor enthusiasts and extreme sports nuts have turned to GoPro as the easiest solution to capture their perfect moments, ripping, shredding, boarding and everything else in between. The GoPro mountable camera makes it easy to mount it and forget about it, knowing that at the end of whatever the user is doing, they’ll have excellent video to share.

Steadicam, Tiffen’s line of camera steadying accessories is known to professional photographers and camera operators to be the line of accessories to trust to get the most steady video possible. No matter what the circumstances warrant, typically having a camera fastened to a Steadicam mount means that the viewer isn’t going to get motion sickness watching whatever was recorded.

Now Tiffen has taken the same Steadicam technology found on the lot’s of Hollywood’s biggest studios and brought it to everyday people with GoPro cameras, in possibly the most useful GoPro accessory ever made.

The Steadicam Curve for GoPro cameras is compact, light weight, and stylish. It looks like it belongs with a GoPro and it’s user rather than a bulky piece of equipment from a photo and video shop. But the results when using the Steadicam mount are what really makes this an accessory to look out for at this years’ 2014 International CES.

The Steadicam Curve is designed specifically for the GoPro Hero, Hero 2, and Hero 3. It includes a fine tuning knob which insures proper balance and the best shots possible.  The lightweight aluminum frame means that users aren’t going to be bogged down with extra pounds. It’s also available in four stylish colors.

The Steadicam Curve just started shipping and you can get one here for just $99.95 or find a retailer near you. 

Tiffen will be showing off the Steadicam Curve at the 2014 International CES January 7-10th in Las Vegas. 

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