Swing-CoptersheaderIf you don’t know the name Dong Nguyen you may know his first game, Flappy Bird. That’s the game that took the world by storm and then was abruptly pulled from the iTunes app store by Nguyen himself. At the time he said that he didn’t want all the publicity and mayhem that surrounded the game.

Shortly after he pulled the game he teased another game that didn’t seem to come out. But now, The Verge has reported that Nguyen’s newest game will actually hit streets this week.

That game, called Swing Copters, looks a lot like Flappy Bird. It has a similar graphic appearance accept instead of a horizontal scroller this game is a vertical scroller. Rather than trying to get the bird through Mario-esque green pipes, you’re supposed to have the helicopter go up through Donkey Kong-esque hammers.

TouchArcade writer Eli Hodapp got an exclusive early invite to try Swing Copters and overall he loved it saying “But, like Flappy Bird, I love it. It feels like it’s got all the same qualities that made Flappy Bird so sticky for me. Once you see even the smallest bit of success in the game, you can’t help but play again, and again, and again, always trying to (in my case, anyway) top that amazing five point flight.”

If Swing Copters is indeed as addictive as Flappy Bird, Nguyen could be onto another huge hit.

Check out a video preview below.