SwitchTick-1An idea that started many many years ago with handmade signs on grocery store bulletin boards has evolved over the years. Ebay was the first company to take the concept online, selling your old stuff.

There are actually many place to sell your own stuff, but the problem with most of them is that they require a decent amount of work, and for the most part, finding your article for sale once it’s listed can be problematic and cumbersome. Craigslist, Rumgr, a variety of other ‘yard sale” apps and hundreds of virtual yard sale groups on Facebook all have a smattering of good used stuff.

There are several trading and barter apps available as well. The idea with these apps is simple, I’ve got something you want that I don’t want anymore and vice versa. Most of these apps have come and gone because building scale for this kind of thing is an enormously daunting task, just ask the folks from Rentstuff.

SwitchTick-HowFlorida based SwitchTick is hoping to become the app for bartering your stuff. They’ve simplified the process into six easy steps: register, create your SwitchTick listing, publish it, find what you want and switch it. They are also hoping to make the experience more social and that people who use the platform to switch their used stuff become friends.

They’re also making the world a greener place by having people switch,recycle and upcycle their old wares rather than throwing them out in the landfill. At the same time they’re saving people their hard earned money by using their stuff to get what they want instead of cash.

SwtichTick is starting off on college campuses. We all know what it’s like to be a college student, you may have that console game system but you really need a Psychology book, with SwitchTick you can switch it.

You can see them at the Jacksonville Landing during OneSpark April 9-13th in Jacksonville Florida. Find out more about SwitchTick here and here. 


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