Last Thursday at the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) Technology Showcase, we had a chance to speak with a great many companies. There were an awful lot of really interesting ones. There was a Coke Remix machine for booze, a couple different companies that had pitched on “Shark Tank,” and then there was, perhaps, the least sexy company imaginable: Don’t let the un-sexy moniker throw you though. Of all the companies at the ATDC Showcase, looks like it has the most traction. “provides deliverability solutions for businesses using email marketing by rehabilitating suspended accounts and bringing them into compliance with email service provider’s anti-spam standards.”1 What does that even mean? Well, more-or-less, that means that helps their customers get out of the spam doghouse. If an email account gets flagged as a spammer, this can be an incredibly time consuming process. Thus, works to “help email marketers get and stay in compliance with their Email Service Providers through ongoing monitoring and email assurance.”2

We partner with ESPs to offer an industry standard deliverability and compliance monitoring toolset for the full life cycle of a customer.

Before a new customer ever sends an email, we provide an email assurance report during the onboarding process. All existing customers are monitored on an ongoing basis, alerting you of any customers in danger of having issues.

Avoid ever having to fire a good sender because of a degrading list.3

We had a chance to speak with the representatives at the ATDC Tech Showcase. We learned some more about how they fight spam: