Apps, Perfect, Google Glass, TechstarsFunny that you mention Google Glass, we just talked about it earlier this morning because it seems that Samsung is preparing a Google Glass like device.

Google Glass has been a hot device since it’s pre-beta debut a year and a half ago at Google I/O. Last year around this time Google began shipping Google Glass to early adopters who put down $1500 at the 2012 Google event. Those people have been walking around the world chronicling their lives through their eyes with Google Glass.

It wasn’t going to be too long before we saw early stage tech companies get into accelerators with apps for Google Glass. Perfect is the first one of those companies to go through a Techstars program.

TechCrunch called Pefect:”…a refreshing take on Google Glass that gives people an arguably far easier way to make videos about their lives. Perfect softens the Orwellian image that Google Glass has as this all-seeing way to invade our privacy and make us all unwilling participants in a surveillance state. ”

No app is going to be able to ease the minds of people who are put off by that tech guy with the Google Glass device on, but the finished product is going to look much better.

The startup’s co-founders Hudson Duan and Colin Hom met in high school in Albany New York. After Duan attended Duke and Hom attended MIT the two reconvened in Berkely where the idea for Perfect came from Duan’s fascination with making Google Glass videos.

Pefect becomes part Vine and part Magisto allowing users to upload 3 second first person video clips through glass. Perfec then takes the clips and sets them to a musical trailer to answer the question “How was your day”.

The Perfect team has some challenges ahead. First off no one is sure when Google Glass is going to hit the mainstream market or how much it will actually cost. It debuted for $1500 for early adopters last year but it’s been realized that they won’t sell many units at $1500 a piece. For mass adoption they are going to need to get the cost under $500. Perfect has to wait for Google Glass to reach the masses before they can scale.

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