SouthernSawDust-1Leave it to a guy in Nashville, one of the startup hub capitals of the world, to take a machine like a CNC Router and turn it into the ultimate wood working production tool. That’s exactly what Tyler Smith, the founder of Southern SawDust has done.

Smith and has team have created the MT24, a rugged 3 axis CNC machining platform featuring an automatic tool change spindle.

wholemachineCNC machine’s with the ability to automatically change tools have been around for a while now, but never at a price point that could go into a smaller shop or an advanced hobbyists garage. Southern SawDust has made the automatic tool change technology incorporated with the CNC Router, into an affordable set up.

But since Smith is a creator himself, modifying other CNC machines to get to where he’s at today, you don’t have to just shell out the money for the full machine. If you’re working on building out your own machine you can buy just the tool change spindle to incorporate into your own design.

SouthernSawDust2Imagine being able to create intricate wood pattern designs with multiple tools, powering the machine on, setting up a CAD design and just letting it roll. You can focus on creating and finishing other machines.

Now we saw this product on Kickstarter and you’re probably thinking you’re going to have to wait until next August to get it, nope, all the leg work to date has been done and Smith is anticipating delivery by April 2015. So go ahead and use that tax refund on the most bad ass wood working machine ever. Find out more here.